PM4NGOs and APMG announce the 2018 Alan Harpham Award


PM4NGOs and APMG announce the 2018 Alan Harpham Award

By Chris Wogan

Manager, Marketing

This award recognizes individuals who have an outstanding performance using PM4NGOS tools and methodologies (such as Project Management for Development Professionals Guide or Program Management for Development Professionals Guide) to promote the professionalization of project and program management in the international development sector.

Alan Harpham served on the PM4NGOs Board from its inception until his passing in 2014. The award is named in honor of Alan Harpham, a global citizen dedicated to making his sector and community a better place. Originally a civil engineer, Alan’s professional experience ranged from major North Sea construction and petrochemical projects to chairman of the APM Group. Apart from his professional career, Alan was dedicated to serving his community and managed to further contribute to the discipline of project management and community by writing several books and leading articles. He was appreciative of other people’s views and had a way of finding common ground when these views were opposed. His ability to embrace diversity of thought acted as a catalyst for improvement and change.

The award was created to honor individuals with distinguished actions in promoting the professionalization of project management and thereby encourage others in the development sector community. Alan Harpham Award recipient will receive a ​certificate recognizing the awardee​, a ​lifetime honorary membership ​to PM4NGOs community and ​recognition and publication of his or her work​ on the PM4NGOs social network.

"Alan Harpham played a key role to promote the professionalism of project management in the development sector in the early stages of PM4NGOs. The award named in his honor recognizes his efforts and the efforts of those who carry on his work, making the PMD Pro Guide a tool that helps project managers and people around the world."
- Edson Marinho, Executive Director

The selected winner will demonstrate not only leadership in advocating for project management professionalization but, most importantly, in innovation of PMD Pro (Project Management for Development Professionals) tools application, impact on project management maturity, and promoting the access to those who are most in need and to a range of stakeholders in the sector such as community based organizations or local NGOs. You can nominate yourself or one other person.

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