Meet Our Trainers: Bob Lloyd


Meet Our Trainers: Bob Lloyd

Bob Lloyd presents at InsideNGO's 2014 Annual Conference

By Jameson Spivack

Marketing Assistant InsideNGO

This is an installment in the "Meet Our Trainers" series, where we get to know Humentum’s trainers beyond the classroom. In this blog post, we highlight Bob Lloyd, an experienced master trainer for Humentum.

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Q: How long have you been working in the international development sector? How did you get your start?

A: I have actually been working in grants and contracts, not international development, since 1972. I got started in grants and contracts after the Vietnam War, when I got my Master’s degree in Public Administration. I was then hired by the Washington Metropolitan Council of Governments, the regional planning and coordinating agency, where I worked on federal award implementation.

How did you get involved with Humentum?

In 1990, the Office of Management and Budget (OMB) had just issued OMB Circular A133, a guide for dealing with federal assistance audits, and I was doing trainings about how to navigate the regulations. Alison Smith, then the head of The Association of PVO Financial Managers (which would later merge with The Personnel Co-op to form Humentum), asked John Competello, USAID’s Inspector General for Audits, to come speak to APVOFM about this new circular. John suggested I do the training instead, and I’ve been working with the Humentum community ever since—that’s over 200 trainings!

Where in the world have you travelled, and which has been your favorite?

I originally went abroad when I served in Vietnam in 1969, which somewhat soured my overseas interest. However, I have been to 18 foreign countries doing trainings for Humentum, and of those my favorite was Hungary.

What's a project you previously worked on that you found particularly interesting or rewarding?

Working on government relations activities with Humentum has been particularly interesting. In 1985, OMB suggested changes to cost principles that affected Humentum members, and I noticed there were a lot of complaints about this from people at our trainings. These changes didn’t take into account that some organizations were performing not just domestically but overseas as well. So, Alison and I sat down with a group of members and crafted a letter to OMB urging them to change the policies to reflect the concerns of organizations doing international work. Fortunately, the comments we sent OMB were reflected in the 1998 revisions, and so we continued to take opportunities to engage with OMB, USAID, and the State Department to try and craft policies.

When you aren't travelling or working, what do you like to do?

I have two grandsons, three and six, whom I enjoy spending time with. I also work on renovating houses, which currently includes a house out in the country that was built in 1911.

Are there any particular moments from previous workshops that stick out to you—a funny story, an "a-ha!" moment, or anything else you remember well?

A number of years ago, Alison Smith and I were supposed to do a training session in Ouagadougou, Burkina Faso. We were supposed to meet up in Paris and then fly to Ouagadougou together, but my flight from Atlanta to Paris was late, and I was delayed getting to the connecting flight. I remember watching Alison walk down the glass ramp to get onto the plane, but she had no idea I was there. Alison, upon noticing I wasn’t on the plane, called her husband, who ended up calling my wife in the middle of the night to say I was missing. Obviously she wasn’t happy about this, but luckily everything was okay and I was able to catch a plane the next day.

This is just one of many stories I have from the number of friends and colleagues I’ve made over the years working with the Humentum community.

Bob Lloyd is a respected authority on federal policies affecting administration and audit of grants, cooperative agreements, and contracts. He has nearly 40 years of experience in federal award implementation. Since forming his consulting practice in 1982, Bob has served as a trainer, consultant or advisor to award and audit units in 16 different federal award-making agencies (including USAID) and to recipient and subrecipient organizations and their professional advisors located in all 50 states, the District of Columbia, several U.S. territories, and 18 foreign countries. His clients include numerous international NGOs and he has conducted scores of training workshops for Humentum, both in the US and overseas, since 1990.

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