A Learning Promise We Intend to Keep


A Learning Promise We Intend to Keep

By Chris Proulx

Global Director, Member Engagement & Learning

Humentum brings together over 65 years of collective experience of training and learning in the development and humanitarian sector through our merger of LINGOs, Mango, and InsideNGO. Over that time, we have trained tens of thousands of people in compliance, financial and project management, and people development—in dozens of countries and online. So, when we brought our team of learning and development professionals together last year, we asked ourselves—so what? What do we want our guiding principles to be for the future? How can we align our work with the changes happening—and that need to happen—in our sector?

Arising from those questions came the Humentum Learning Promise and seven principles that we all knew that we could stand for in creating and delivering learning with and for our sector.


Check out this video and watch our team share it with you!

Our promise to you is an aspiration—it will always be a work in progress as we strive toward deeply embedding the promise into everything we do. Yet, even in the first several months of our journey as Humentum, we have brought the principles to life around the world.

The Learning Booster program is extending workshop learning to the workplace and increasing actionable transfer—with over 26,000 learning moments arising from over 96 training events—with a rollout to more workshops planned in 2018. We believe retention is a key to impact.

We’ve reached more people online in the past 12 months than ever before, but we are also making face to face learning more accessible through local partnerships. We are up and running with training partners in Ethiopia and Sudan and are now marketing our first program with a partner in Cox’s Bazar in Bangladesh. These partnerships extend our work into new locations, in new languages, and often with locally accessible fees.

Our online, social, and mobile-first PMD Pro Flex course is not only making learning more accessible for more people in more places with an affordable price point—it also earned us a Silver award at the 2017 Learning Technologies conference for its innovative approach to learning in the social sector.

The Capacity for Humanity conference in Arusha, Tanzania, enabled us to convene a new network for learning and capacity in East Africa which shifted the discussion to how to make capacity building relevant in the region. We explored issues and questions of power that go well beyond just being learner focused that we hope will help all of us transform our mindset of capacity in our work ahead.

Speaking of conferences, these events are not only designed to build your social network, but we are laser-focused on content that is relevant to your work, with takeaways that are actionable at an individual, organizational, and sector-wide level. Whether you attended the conference in Arusha or are planning to come to our upcoming events in Washington and Amman, expect to be challenged to define what we can do together and create action from each conference.

We are just getting started!

Watch the video and share back with us your hopes and dreams for how learning can make your organization more effective.

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