Catching up with two 2018 Alison N. Smith International Scholarship Winners


Catching up with two 2018 Alison N. Smith International Scholarship Winners

Humentum knows that NGOs often have limited training budgets yet value the crucial role that professional development plays in program success. With this in mind, we introduced the Alison N. Smith International Scholarship for leaders from our member organizations. The scholarship provides funds for field office leadership to attend our Annual Conference and make the most of the important discussions, networking events and learning opportunities with their peers. We asked two of our 2018 Alison N. Smith International Scholarship recipients – Sadia Mansoor and Dr. Emmanuel Godwin – a few questions that included details about their roles, professional development opportunities offered by their organization, and what they are looking forward to at Humentum’s Annual Conference.  

Sadia Mansoor is the Senior Director of Operations, Grants, and Compliance at the Asia Foundation in the Pakistan office. In this role, her primary responsibilities include but are not limited to administration of project operations, operating budgets and financial management, supply chain management, recruitment and managing funds in complex and evolving regulatory and compliance requirements. Sadia loves all aspects of her job with the Foundation including the empowerment and independence that comes with it. As a Humentum Member for almost 7 years, Sadia has received several job opportunities through Humentum community networking. She also acknowledges Humentum for the information and knowledge she has gained from various workshops as it has helped her perform her job more effectively.

While it will be Sadia’s first time at the Annual Conference, she’s no stranger to professional development opportunities within Asia Foundation- Pakistan. Asia Foundation is committed to attracting and developing high-quality staff. Occasionally, the foundation organizes in-house knowledge development seminars and invites speakers and experts on topics that are relevant to the Foundation’s work in Pakistan. Asia Foundation also encourages staff for short-term, in-country or overseas training opportunities deemed necessary or important for enhancing the programmatic or administrative and financial operations of the office. They also arrange continuous webinars, seminars, and workshops for the staff at the country level. They also help staff pursue further studies on a cost-sharing basis.

Sadia, thankful for the Alison N. Smith International Scholarship opportunity provided by Humentum, believes it is a huge honor and an excellent learning and networking opportunity. She is looking forward to enhancing her understanding of the various aspects of DFID commercial contracting and contract readiness at the Annual Conference.  She plans on attending the Grants in 3D and the Gender Audit session among others. Additionally, she is looking forward to increasing her network base and meeting with experts from across the globe.

Dr. Emmanuel Godwin serves as the Deputy Chief of Party for Heartland Alliance International Nigeria program, supporting the PEPFAR funded through USAID Integrated MARPs HIV Prevention Program (IMHIPP), which is one of the largest Key Population-specific initiatives ever launched in the Global South. In this position, he supervises and coordinates a team of over 120 professionals’ working to provide HIV/AIDS prevention, care, and treatment services for key affected populations using a community centered capacity building and sustainability model. Dr. Godwin is one of the pioneer service providers of Key Populations friendly health services in Nigeria and has contributed immensely to the general landscape of Key Population HIV programming there.

In his position, Dr. Godwin ensures that program activities are consistent with the scope of the grant and in full compliance with donor rules and regulations and governing contracts, and objectives and targets are met within the agreed upon time-frame. At Heartland Alliance International, he loves his ability to take the right approach to providing services, and the flexibility of trying out ideas and models. Heartland Alliance offers opportunities for continuing education, participation in professional organized trainings, seminars, and on-the-job training and mentorship.

Being a recipient of this award allows Dr. Godwin to attend a workshop for the first time that is not tailored to developing a specific skill set. He is humbled at the opportunity to learn so much across different thematic areas in one space. At the Annual Conference, Dr. Godwin is looking forward to improving his skill set in operational excellence and networking with other attendees.

Sadia and Emmanuel will be at the Annual Conference next week, along with 900 other NGO operations experts! We look forward to seeing everyone there!  


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