Program Management

Can online training replace face-to-face? Lessons from a global pilot in forty countries

Save the Children is a global organisation running projects around the world from Singapore to Sri Lanka, Sudan, and Sweden. Each country has its own requirements in delivering training such as travel restrictions, working languages, and internet access to name but a few. Due to technological limitations, we have tended to favour more expensive and time-consuming face-to-face training. This has largely ensured quality training for most of our audience, but logistical and resource limitations meant that not all staff got the training they needed - when they needed it.

The Value of Data

The field of monitoring and evaluation immediately evokes images of individuals hunched over Excel spreadsheets analyzing rows and rows of data sets; or a person in the field- clipboard in hand- counting every output of an activity down to the number of rocks moved during a project build.  I think many people and society at large consider M&E professionals more as auditors and data trackers obsessed with collecting every piece of information from a project rather than as key strategic resources tailor-made for their project.

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