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Why learning retention matters

James is a dedicated L&D professional who just delivered a new training program. The training program was developed with input from subject matter experts, it integrated engaging teaching-learning techniques, and it was delivered by an experienced, knowledgeable, and caring facilitator. Assessments administered at the start and finish of the program demonstrate learning gains among participants.  Evaluations from participants such as Maria demonstrate overwhelming satisfaction with the design and delivery of the learning event. 

Success in the Workplace, Beyond the Workshop

Fans and skeptics of eLearning alike agree: until now, comparing online learning to your typical face-to-face workshops has been a fruitless exercise. But what if you could find an eLearning experience that gave you the same benefits? Humentum has adopted a methodology that combines the convenience and innovation of eLearning with the engagement and expert guidance of participatory workshops.

Meet the eWorkshop. eWorkshops are designed and delivered under three guiding principles:

Why You Should Learn Management Skills—Even if You're not a Manager

The transition from a non-managerial position to a managerial one is more than just a matter of a pay raise or increased technical knowledge. Being an effective manager requires certain soft skills and practices that you must learn with experience. When you start your first day in a managerial position, you aren't suddenly endowed with the ability to properly manage another employee. Over time, you can identify what it is exactly that helps you better communicate, how to harness your strengths and those of others, and which strategies motivate other members of your team.


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