Called to be Trust Keepers

At Humentum’s OpEx DC 2019 Conference, some 1,200 professionals from over 300 member organizations heard Humentum out-going CEO Tom Dente speak of current challenges and opportunities for our sector. During his keynote, Dente stressed that the social sector, for-and-not-for-profit alike, is called to be a trust keeper.  This is to say that we are entrusted not only to do good in the world, but also to do so in a manner that empowers, enables, and does not undermine the human dignity of those we seek to aid.

Harnessing the Power of Trust in Action: 8 Things We Can All Do to Build Trust, As Told by Humentum Members

Splashed across every sign, bag, and screen at OpEx DC 2019 were the words Growing Trust for Greater Impact. It was everywhere. Because every conference needs a theme, right? As conference organizer, for months I had wrestled with the question: when does a theme stop being a unifying idea and start becoming a call to action?

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