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Get ready for Humentum's Week of Learning, Oct. 14-19

Humentum community members have always shared resources, best practices, and more. This is at the heart of Humentum’s mission. We see this daily on Humentum Connect in our various communities and at roundtables, meetups, and conferences. However, when it comes to sharing learning content such as eLearning courses, lesson plans, job aids, marketing resources, and evaluation tools, we haven’t seen the same widespread sharing across organizations.

Why learning retention matters

James is a dedicated L&D professional who just delivered a new training program. The training program was developed with input from subject matter experts, it integrated engaging teaching-learning techniques, and it was delivered by an experienced, knowledgeable, and caring facilitator. Assessments administered at the start and finish of the program demonstrate learning gains among participants.  Evaluations from participants such as Maria demonstrate overwhelming satisfaction with the design and delivery of the learning event. 

A Comms Specialist’s Take on Annual Conference 2017

When I arrived at the Humentum conference, I wasn’t entirely sure that this was the right place for me. I’m a digital communications specialist at Fintrac Inc., a woman-owned and US-based consulting company that develops agricultural solutions to end hunger and this year, communications wasn’t its own identified pathway at the Humentum Annual Conference. No specific speaker mentioned communications as their own focus area.

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