5 Ways to Make the Most of the InsideNGO Annual Conference as an NGO Newbie

When you are just starting out your career, the NGO sphere can be a little overwhelming. Not only are you trying to wrap your head around the vastness of the industry, you are also trying to get a handle on how you fit into your own organization. More likely than not, you are one of the most junior and least-connected staff members in the NGO space. And that’s okay. Everyone starts somewhere. Every CEO started at the bottom and worked their way up with time and experience. It takes time to build up a foundational knowledge about and a network within the NGO industry.

How NGO Leaders Take the Road Less Traveled

A sure path is almost always crowded. When people know the way, or if think they know the way, they’ll take it. No matter if there are obstacles. If they see the light at the end, they know where they’re going, so they continue moving forward. Consider this: would you rather take a route that your mind is telling you is direct, despite traffic and potholes, or would you rather take an empty, quiet street with a few more turns?

The Three C's of Learning and Capacity Building Trends

Curation, Complexity, Collaboration and other Curious Learning and Capacity Building Trends

Last week, we opened the Global Learning Forum at the Humentum 2017 conference by discussing the trends affecting learning at international NGOs (INGOs). While many of the 120 participants in the session had specific responsibilities for learning or capacity building in their organizations, it was also exciting to see a diverse group of HR, finance, and compliance professionals engaged in the discussion.

We looked at four trends areas:

A Comms Specialist’s Take on Annual Conference 2017

When I arrived at the Humentum conference, I wasn’t entirely sure that this was the right place for me. I’m a digital communications specialist at Fintrac Inc., a woman-owned and US-based consulting company that develops agricultural solutions to end hunger and this year, communications wasn’t its own identified pathway at the Humentum Annual Conference. No specific speaker mentioned communications as their own focus area.

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