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Survey Says… A Look at INGO Compensation & Benefits in the US

Just a year ago, international NGOs (INGOs) were holding their collective breath as rumors circulated about pending deep cuts in international development and relief funding by the new administration. Organizations were sharing approaches to go “lean”, reorganizing and instituting cost cutting measures. As we start this new year, Humentum looks at the results of its recently published 2017 U.S.

What to Expect in Comp & Benefits in 2017

As we start a new year, Humentum takes a look back at compensation and benefits in the sector and what organizations might expect in 2017. The demands on compensation dollars to retain staff and compete for new talent will likely test many organizations as they try to control one of their largest budget expenses: compensation and benefits. What’s ahead for salary increases, alternative rewards, and employee benefits?

Salary increases modest

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