What we have learned about how NGOs are managing during COVID-19

The COVID-19 pandemic has challenged the nonprofit sector in new and unprecedented ways. As a regular convener of NGO leaders and operations professionals across the globe, I have learned what is keeping global development professionals up at night. For the last three months, we have held nearly 40 roundtables with our members around COVID-19. Twelve of these roundtables were specifically with senior leaders. Through conversations with various organizations, I’ve figured out many are facing the same issues, and some were surprising to hear.

Want an Effective COVID-19 Response? Engage Women and Girls

We have seen and heard this all before: every time there is a pandemic, multiple stories and articles appear about the impact on women and girls. We hear that girls are vulnerable to violence, unwanted pregnancy, early marriage, not returning to school and other negative outcomes. Many of us know this is true because we have seen it firsthand with Ebola and other health and humanitarian crises. It begs several questions: why do the same stories keep appearing?

Beware of Fraud During COVID-19

During the ongoing COVID-19 virus outbreak, fraudsters globally are attempting to exploit the situation to defraud individuals and businesses including NGOs. It is important to be aware of different types of fraud and scenarios that could happen and be informed of the steps you can take to avoid becoming a victim.

Types of Fraud:

  • Fake goods
  • Investment opportunities
  • Malicious emails
  • Fake charities
  • Fake funding

Fake goods

Are you remote ready?

We may be in the midst of the largest teachable moment in history. How has your organization been dealing with full time remote work?

At CRS, we have the benefit of being a cloud-based enterprise so our staff can access their content anywhere, anytime, from any device.  As long as they stored their content in OneDrive for Business and have an internet connection, they’re good to go. Work content can be sync’d with their computer so they can work offline, and their content will automatically sync to the cloud once reconnected.

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