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Being Crisp in a Mushy World

Many of us have at least some experience working in a mushy decision-making environment. Mushy environments are ones where deadlines are guidelines and decisions are deferred, reversed, revised or revisited. There is a fine line between nimble and mushy. The tendency toward flexible decision-making is understandable; we work in changing and complex environments. Often, we are trying to mesh specific and time-bound business development requirements with program implementation timelines and needs.

Member Profile: Sharon Cooley, Creative Associates International

Our Member Profile blog series features Humentum members talking about their work and how they manage the operational challenges within their organizations. This month we feature Creative Associates International Vice President and Senior Director, Development Division, Sharon Cooley. Based in Washington, DC, Sharon has been with Creative Associates for six years.

Four Ways to Gather Information About New Opportunities Without Travel

This post is the third in a four-part series on business development. 

Once you have identified an opportunity, whether through USAID's Business Forecast or elsewhere, you want to gather more information to make an informed decision about whether or not to pursue it. The sources that I discussed in a previous blog post can also be useful here, especially

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