Annual Conference 2018

Annual Conference 2018: The Power of Operational Excellence

It was a pleasure to welcome our community to this year’s Annual Conference! While it had been a challenging year, we came back together with a renewed sense of purpose to recommit to our values, enhance trust, and better address growing humanitarian, development, and environmental needs. This year, we chose the theme of our conference to be “The Power of Operational Excellence” to highlight our shared commitment to excellence and to each other.

Leadership Matters: Building the conditions for sustainable organizational learning and impact

I’m not sure how it happened: perhaps it’s just a factor of time and persistence; or maybe it’s the hints of gray near my temples. But suddenly I find myself in a place where people think I have a degree of wisdom to share -- especially when I spend a lot of time talking about leadership. So let me start this piece by acknowledging that when I speak about leadership, I most often focus on those traits in others that I observe in conjunction with effective, happy, productive, creative and dynamic teams -- mainly because they are characteristics to which I aspire.

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