New Report from InsideNGO and the INGO Impact Investing Network:

New Report from InsideNGO and the INGO Impact Investing Network:

Amplify Impact Investing:
The International Value Proposition for Impact Investing

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Humentum and the International Non-Governmental Organization (INGO) Impact Investing Network announce the publication of Amplify Impact Investing: The INGO Value Proposition for Impact Investing, an in-depth study of the current impact investing landscape among INGOs in the international development sector. The report reveals that the development sector’s impact investing activity is growing, with INGO-managed or -founded impact investing funds encompassing more than $545 million in assets.

While the traditional development funding model has relied upon government grants and contracts, foundations, and philanthropic giving, the impact investing model seeks solutions to economic and social challenges that result in a financial return for the investors. The INGO Impact Investing Network was formed last year by Humentum, the Aspen Network of Development Entrepreneurs, Pact, Mercy Corps, and GOAL as a consortium of more than 40 INGOs that are working together to gather and share knowledge about how INGOs are using private investment capital to advance their work in solving pressing global development challenges.

"It is exciting to see how international NGOs are engaging in impact investing solutions across the entire sector," said Tom Dente, President and CEO of Humentum, the membership association of international relief and development organizations. "They are complementing traditional development funding mechanisms and approaching impact investing with a long-term view, collaborating with existing and new partners to help them deliver on their missions while also providing a financial return on investment."

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