Managing the Changes of the New Administration

Press Release

February 02, 2017

Managing the Changes of the New Administration

For 40 years, Humentum has been “inside” the global development and humanitarian community, supporting organizations as they address the world’s most pressing social issues. During that time, we have always actively worked with our members during transitions in US government leadership. As we move forward under this new US administration, it is evident that the magnitude of change in the coming months will be greater than expected, and thus there is a greater need to share information and plan for the way forward.

In response to this need, Humentum recently convened two different events for members. On Wednesday, February 8, Humentum convened a call for members to discuss The President’s Executive Order on Restricting Immigration and its Impact on the NGO Community. Seventy-three members representing 58 organizations participated. During that call, an immigration attorney and leaders from three NGOs shared their current knowledge as well as their action plans in response to the order. In addition, we conducted a spot poll to gather information on how the order was impacting participants' travel plans and policies. This call was recorded and is now available to all members on the home page of our online Member Community.

On Wednesday, February 15, Humentum convened another call for members, Protecting Federal Awards in These Transition Times. More than 114 members representing 84 organizations were present. Bob Lloyd, long time Humentum trainer and advocacy advisor, presented a detailed and authoritative information session, discussing the history of regulatory changes and highlighting the importance of understanding ‘what we have in our pocket,’ meaning NGOs’ current award terms and conditions. He also highlighted how actions being taken by the present administration could affect the NGO community (for both acquisition and assistance awards) and what processes are in place should an adverse action be imposed on implementing partners’ awards. The call was recorded and is now available to all members on the home page of our online Member Community.

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Beyond these two events, Humentum has included the topic of the political transition on the agenda of every one of upcoming senior convening events and member roundtables, which take place regularly throughout the year. Discussions at some of these events recently have addressed the implications of the Mexico City Policy, as well as the Order Restricting Immigration. If you’re not already participating in these events, please check out the links provided above to learn how to join these discussions.

For leaders who are anticipating possible funding shifts during this new administration and who are trying to get ahead and manage their M&G (management and general expenses) efficiently and effectively, Humentum is planning an event for all members in our senior level forums on Thursday, March 23, from 11 a.m. to 1 p.m. This forum, “Lean Thinking” on M&G Costs: A Cross Functional Approach will be led by Eric Walker, CFO at the Population Council. 

Effective M&G management has no "one size fits all" solution—cutting costs across the board may mean under-investing in critical capabilities. The starting point of any M&G improvement effort should be to bring a strategic mindset to the “back office.” This typically involves focusing attention on where allocated resources will have the greatest impact. Eric Walker will share ways to reshape an approach to M&G costs, covering six key elements—economy, decentralization, self-sufficiency, standardization, continuous improvement, and pitching in. Effective M&G management affects every part of the organization—human resources, business development, strategy, operations, and finance. This cross functional session is open to all C-suite staff in our Member Community and will help move us to answer the million-dollar question: How can you achieve and sustain M&G cost reductions? Please note that this is a reprise of a discussion from the January 19 CFO Forum, and has both an in-person and call-in option. Details are posted in the Member Community.

If you’re looking for additional resources on how the new administration is affecting our sector, we suggest the following:

  • Humentum Industry Partner AHT Insurance has published advice on Mitigating Risks Associated with the US Travel Ban.

  • Humentum Industry Partner Wiley Rein LLP has published a commentary on the impact of a new executive order on reducing regulation

  • A legal review of the Executive Order and legal guidance from Duane Morris can be found here.

  • SID-Washington has launched a discussion series, 2017 in Transition. Check out their website here for a video recording of their first event and information about future events.

  • The U.S. Global Leadership Coalition is a broad-based network of businesses, NGOs, national security experts, and others, whose focus is to elevate development and diplomacy. Their website offers news and blogs on relevant topics.  

As always, we invite our members to log in, join the discussions, and share your organization’s own responses with the larger Humentum community. 

This statement was updated on February 16.