Humentum Signs Pledge on Preventing Sexual Abuse, Exploitation, and Harassment

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March 28, 2018

Humentum Signs Pledge on Preventing Sexual Abuse, Exploitation, and Harassment

WASHINGTON—Humentum has joined InterAction, the alliance of US-based nongovernmental organizations (NGOs) working in development, and more than 110 other organizations, in pledging to improve efforts to prevent sexual abuse, exploitation, and harassment of, and by, NGO staff.

Humentum CEO Tom Dente, who serves on the board of InterAction signed the CEO Pledge on Preventing Sexual Abuse, Exploitation, and Harassment of and by NGO Staff, published today. The pledge was developed by a task force convened by InterAction, as part of an ongoing effort to safeguard people the InterAction member NGOs serve, as well as the staff carrying out the work, and to help create a culture that promotes transparency and reporting around allegations of misconduct.

“Humentum recognizes the responsibility that we have as a sector to address these issues promptly, transparently, and in line with our values,” says Dente. “The people we work with, our supporters, and staff must trust that we are working to the highest safeguarding standards. We are committed to developing new policies, practices, and approaches that will hold all of us to these highest standards, and we are resolved to work collaboratively in our sector to address the underlying causes of these problems and effect change.”

The full pledge can be found on the InterAction website.


Humentum was created in July 2017 from the merger of three well-established organizations: Humentum, the Washington, DC-based member association of international NGOs; LINGOs, a virtual not-for-profit capacity building organization specializing in eLearning; and Mango, a UK-registered charity and social enterprise that specializes in financial management. Humentum delivers nearly 400 learning events a year around the world—both face-to-face and online—on topics including compliance, financial management, and project management, and also offers consulting and recruiting services to the sector.

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