Humentum and NPOKI Announce Programmatic Merger

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January 04, 2018

Humentum and NPOKI Announce Programmatic Merger

Humentum and NPOKI (Non-Profit Organizations Knowledge Initiative) Announce Programmatic Merger


Washington – Humentum is excited to announce the expansion of its information communications technology and knowledge management consulting and in-house training services through a programmatic merger with NPOKI, the Non-Profit Organizations Knowledge Initiative, a long-time Humentum partner.

NPOKI was originally set up in 2005 to provide performance management tools and solutions designed for low resource settings to its member organizations and the global NGO community. After a dozen years of fulfilling this primary purpose, NPOKI’s founders will transition to a sole focus on its consulting services, which will be integrated into Humentum’s client and consulting services offer.

Humentum’s Director of Client and Consulting Services, Peter Sargent, welcomed the addition of these new capabilities to Humentum, saying, “The rate of change in the workplace is unprecedented as technology enables more rapid access to information, giving rise to more borderless teams and opportunities for innovative solutions to programmatic challenges. This addition to Humentum’s suite of client services provides the assistance NGOs need to be competitive in this digital environment.”

“NPOKI was formed to solve a very specific problem—to provide affordable information management and support systems for tracking the performance of large numbers of projects in a variety of countries against strategic goals,” said NPOKI Executive Director Bill Lester. “With more than a decade of experience assessing NGO information needs, prototyping collaborative impact management systems, driving the conversation toward shared development performance metrics, and promoting open source software platforms, we feel that we have achieved that mission. Our long-time partnership with Humentum, along with the obvious parallels in many of our programmatic goals, makes the transition a positive step.” Lester will be consulting for the Humentum team moving forward.

A new roster of information communications technology (ICT)/and knowledge management (KM) experts will also be joining the Humentum client services team, bringing their experience in providing international NGOs with strategic planning, tailored technology solutions and related services. A complete list of services can be found here. In addition, Humentum will be offering an increased number of member discussions, webinars, and ICT/KM resources throughout 2018.

“Having partnered with NPOKI over the years and having seen the value that their team brings to members, we are pleased to have the opportunity to work even more closely together under Humentum,” said Humentum CEO Tom Dente.

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Humentum was created in July 2017 from the merger of three well-established organizations: Mango, a UK-registered charity and social enterprise that specializes in financial management; Humentum, a Washington, DC-based member association of international NGOs; and LINGOs, a virtual not-for-profit capacity building organization specializing in eLearning. Humentum serves development, humanitarian, civil society, and other international social sector organizations with a focus on supporting operational excellence for its members, clients, and customers. Humentum delivers nearly 400 learning events a year around the world, both face-to-face and online, and also offers consulting and recruiting services to the sector.

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