Announcing a Makeover: Our New Look

Press Release

February 04, 2016

Announcing a Makeover: Our New Look

As we enter the second month of 2016, Humentum is sporting a new look. Why does an organization decide to change its logo, you might wonder.

In our case, the change is good and guided by your input. Many organizations decide to focus on refreshing their brand – often starting with the logo – when the organization is going through a period of considerable growth. That’s the case for Humentum. For more than 35 years, Humentum has been “inside” the NGO community supporting our member organizations and others in the relief and development sector as you collectively address the world’s most pressing social issues. Last year, we saw a tremendous amount of growth. We finished the year with more than 330 member organizations, had our biggest annual conference ever, and hosted 137 workshops, 30 roundtables, and 20 webinars. With your support, we fully expect to exceed all those numbers this coming year.

With a growing demand for our services and our resources, our old logo was feeling outdated. What once represented our collective aspirations seemed to be missing the mark in a growing, diverse membership community. We wanted to maintain the positive association and affiliation of our member community while reflecting our future direction. So, our signature blue and green colors remain. The color palette, however, has been expanded to include a range of colors within those two hues, much like we have a range of members doing development work within our Humentum community. The Venn diagram is gone. Our new logo presents our name emerging from a frame – and we intend to move forward with you, during these times of change, as we work with you to reframe the conversations around development issues and tackle important challenges together.

Finally, you may also notice our new tagline: Achieving Global Impact. We chose this tagline to represent you – the more than 330 member organizations who are working to change the world for the better every day. Together, you are achieving global impact, making a difference to the world’s most vulnerable people. We look forward to continuing to be your trusted resource, a partner in your learning endeavors, and an advocate for change.

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