Best Practices for Managing Donor Funding

Best Practices for Managing Donor Funding


Not all donors have extensive regulations detailing how you must manage their funding. In the absence of specific donor requirements, organizations must determine how best to implement their projects in a responsible and transparent manner. This course covers best practices for managing core components of implementation, including procurement, financial management, personnel, subawards, reporting, and donor relationship management. These topics will be addressed across the five project stages of proposal, negotiation, start-up, implementation and closeout, to identify key decisions and action items at each phase. Each topic will be examined from the perspective of senior leadership, program staff and operational staff using real-life scenarios. Potential sources for risk and inefficiency will be used to explore proactive solutions related to monitoring, documentation and process improvement.

Target Audience

  • Finance staff
  • Contracts and Grants staff
  • Procurement staff
  • Program staff
  • Senior leaders

Key Takeaways

By the end of this course, you will be able to:

  • Identify key decisions and action items for each project phase
  • Build and manage collaborative relationships with donors
  • Identify essential components of organizational policies
  • Identify team-based approaches for managing risk
  • Contribute to developing management tools and templates for your organization


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Best Practices for Managing Donor Funding