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Presenter Corner

Presenter Corner

Practical information and presentation tips to make your session a success!

Thank you for sharing your time and expertise at this year’s OpEx DC 2019 Conference. It is contributions like yours that make this such a valuable event for our members. Our goal is to make your experience presenting as stress-free as possible. Explore the links and videos below to learn about how to navigate the conference and for some easy tips to make your session as engaging and learner-centric as possible.

What you need to know


June 7th 

Review and verify your presenter bio

Send any edits to by the deadline indicated.


Submit session powerpoints

ASAP, preferred deadline is July 1st

Send via email attachment to

Download powerpoint template.

While you are not required to use our branded slidedeck, we do ask that you do use Humentum’s branded slides for the first (presentation slide layout) and last (end slide layout) slides.

Send the original files so we may insert headers/footers, and the handout cover. Please do not send PDF’s.  We will convert all materials that are provided to attendees to PDF before sharing.

In the event that you miss our deadline for submission, you will then be responsible for bringing your final presentation via a thumbdrive to the Presenter Registration table at least 30 minutes before the start of your session.

Update your info in app

July 2nd onward


Get the recognition you deserve! Update your personal information in the conference app, which can be downloaded starting July 2nd

Presenter Tips

A series of videos designed to help your session be a success!


Learn from the Train Like A Champion learning blog how to Stay on Track as you develop your session.

Session Logistics



One final tip: Don’t forget to allocate time at the end of your session to allow attendees to fill out a session survey and to reflect on what they will do differently in their work.

Logos and Social Media 

This page is for the exclusive use of registered conference speakers. We encourage you to put these badges on your website to tell people about your involvement in this exciting conference. You may also get personalized branded graphics from our marketing team at some point before the conference.

By using these logos and images, you agree to the following terms of use:

  • If you re-size these images, you must maintain the aspect ratio and insure that the images aren’t pixelated.
  • Please link to the Humentum homepage, using this link:

Please spread the word far and wide on social media about your participation in our conference! We are on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram - and using the hashtag #OpExDC2019. Tag us in your posts and photos before and during the event!



Day of Presenter Logistics

Download tip sheet here for more information.

How do I get to the conference?

Annual Conference Location: Walter E. Washington Convention Center, 801 Mt. Vernon Place NW, Washington, DC

Getting to The Convention Center: We highly recommend using Metro – there is a Convention Center stop on the Yellow line (called “Mount Vernon Square – 7th Street – Convention Center”). The next closest stop is on the Red, Yellow, and Green Lines (called “Gallery Place – Chinatown”) that is a 3 block walk to the Convention Center. Paid parking is also available with more information available online. For more information on getting to and navigating the Convention Center, please visit their website.

Finding the Conference: The Convention Center has two buildings connected with an interior bridge over L Street. There are 3 common entrances to the building 1) 801 Mount Vernon Place, NW, 2) L Street NW and 3) Directly from the Yellow line Mount Vernon Place/DC Convention Center Metro station. InsideNGO’s Annual Conference is located on the 1st, 2nd and 3rd floors of the building facing Mount Vernon Square. There will be signs to direct you to the 2017 InsideNGO Annual Conference once you enter the building.

(Please note that although Washington, DC can be hot and humid in late July, the Convention Center tends to be very well air conditioned. We advise all Conference participants to wear layers and to be prepared for cool indoor temperatures.)

What do I do when I arrive?

ALL CONFIRMED PRESENTERS, whether attending the Annual Conference or simply presenting, must check in at the Presenter Registration table outside of Room #207B on the second floor.

Please note:

  • If you are attending the Conference as a presenter for your session only, please check-in 30-45 minutes before the start of your session.  
  • If you bring with you a new or updated presentation, please alert the Presenter Registration staff upon checking in so that the correct presentation is loaded for your session. 
Is there a space I can go to get ready?

If you’d like a quiet place to work either prior to or after your session, please feel free to use the Presenter Prep Room (Room 305 on the 3rd floor). 

What do I need to know once I get to my session room?
  • Report to your session room 15 minutes before the start of your session
  • Look for the Humentum Room Monitor when you arrive at your session. The Room Monitor will have a yellow STAFF ribbon on their name tag. The Room Monitor will:
    • Bring up your presentation on the laptop
    • If you brought hard copy handouts, they will take all hard copy handouts for distribution to the group
    • Set up your microphone and projector remote (“clicker”)
    • If you prefer the Room Monitor to also advance your slides during your presentation, please inform them
    • Handle your logistical session needs
    • Give you a time warning as your session nears the stop time
    • Run microphones to the audience members during the Q&A
    • Assist with time-keeping (upon request); NOTE: Please allow 2 minutes at the end of your session for participants to complete the Evaluation Form.
    • Remind attendees to complete their evaluations on the mobile app at conclusion of session.
  •  Session Liaison has also been assigned to your session. The Session Liaison will:
    • Meet with you 10 minutes prior to the session
    • Introduce you and the session
    • Assist in question management if the room is crowded (and if there is no moderator in the role) 


Reminder about Recording: We will be recording a variety of sessions this year and all speakers MUST use the microphones provided to ensure high quality recordings.

  • You will be asked to sign an electronic Audio Recording Authorization Form at the Presenter Table.
  • If an audience member asks a question or makes a comment without using a microphone, please repeat the comment into your mic before responding 
What powerpoint template should I use?

While you are not required to use our branded slidedeck, we do ask that you do use Humentum’s branded slides for the first (presentation slide layout) and last (end slide layout) slides.

PowerPoint template here.

If you have questions or concerns before the Annual Conference, reach out to your Humentum contact for your session.

If you have any questions or concerns during the Annual Conference reach out to any of the Humentum staff members (wearing yellow ribbons on their name badges).



Step 1: Identify no more than 3 primary take-aways or learning objectives for session participants

  • Pro-tip: practice explaining your main points in 30 seconds or less


Step 2: Choose the best format to support the overall purpose of your session:

  • Need ideas? Answer the question below and then learn more about the individual session formats suggested here.

My session will…

Present information: For sessions that don’t expect much exchange between participants and presenters because presenters are assumed to possess valuable information to benefit participants. Formats you might consider include: Technical Lecture, Panel Presentation, Lightening Talks

Answer Questions: For sessions without a prescribed agenda on topics that participants are adequately knowledgeable to ask meaningful questions, presumably on topics of general interest. Formats you might consider include: Participatory ask-the-expert, Roundtable

Facilitate discussion or an information exchange: For sessions that expect a significant amount of exchange with and between participants who are assumed to be able to contribute useful substance to the discussion. Formats you might consider include: Participatory, World Café, Roundtable

Generate information: For sessions that intend to engage participants actively in order to generate information based on their knowledge and expertise. Formats you might consider include: Participatory, World Café, Roundtable

Build knowledge or skills: For sessions with specific learning objectives for participants that intend to engage participants as active learners. Formats you might consider include: Participatory


Step 3: Design!

Be realistic: use specific examples from your experience

  • Pro-tip: Don’t just discuss what your organization is doing, but the process or decisions that led to that ‘solution’—what problem was identified, what options were explored, why this path was chosen, etc.

Be engaging: think about ways to allow the participants to engage with the topic

  • Pro-tip: Consider your session from the participants’ perspective—what will they learn and how will it help them at work

Be relevant: try to end the session by helping participants understand how they can apply the main learning points in their work

  • Pro-tip: To the extent possible, participants should leave the session with something tangible (a new knowledge, tool, skill, etc.)
  • Pro-tip: Be aware that your room may include a broad target audience, including practitioners from different areas of responsibilities, small and large organizations, and staff in a variety of local locations

Build a presentation slidedeck worth watching.  For our top 4 presentation tips, click here.

Final piece of guidance: Relax. Break your presentation into manageable pieces, be open to questions, learn about and from the participants, and have fun!