Presenter Corner

Presenter Corner

Practical information and presentation tips to make your session a success!

Thank you for sharing your time and expertise at this year’s OpEx East Africa Conference. It is contributions like yours that make this such a valuable event for our participants. Our goal is to make your experience presenting as stress-free as possible. Explore the links and videos below to learn about how to navigate the conference and for some easy tips to make your session as engaging and learner-centric as possible.


Submit session PowerPoints and handouts (or Session Plan if you don’t have handouts or PowerPoint)

Due: March 18th


Send via email attachment to



Download PowerPoint template

While you are not required to use our branded slidedeck, we do ask that you do use Humentum’s branded slides for the first (presentation slide layout) and last (end slide layout) slides.

Send the original files so we may insert headers/footers, and the handout cover. Please do not send PDF’s. We will convert all materials that are provided to attendees to PDF before sharing.

If you are not able to submit your presentation in advance of the event, please let us know as soon as possible.

Submit session handouts


Due: March 18th


This is the final submission date. If we do not receive your materials by this date, you are responsible for providing your own copies of handouts.


A series of videos designed to help your session be a success!

1. A brief introduction to Humentum's video series for conference presenters
2. Here's how Humentum presenters develop and deliver engaging, meaningful, and useful sessions
3. An overview of the types of sessions typically conducted at Humentum conferences and tips to be successful

Learn from the Train Like A Champion learning blog - how to Stay on Track as you develop your session!


One final tip: don’t forget to save time at the end of your session to allow attendees to fill out a session survey and to reflect on what they will do differently in their work.