At Humentum, we have been hard at work trying to determine the best way to create the magic that happens at OpEx DC every year in this completely virtual world. And the good news is, we're close. We have a lot of ideas and are very excited to share what we have to offer in the way of learning, connecting, sharing, and co-creating together. And this year, "together" truly means around the world! 


What will be the same? Our original conference theme for this year was Spirit of Collective Action. Thriving in our current operating environment will require us to work together to share what we have learned, to ask the hard questions, and to innovate now more than ever. Our fall events will still showcase examples of what happens when people work together, and offer opportunities for attendees to workshop solutions in real-time. We need each other's input and knowledge sharing now more than ever.


What will be different? We are still working on an exact format and agenda, but we do know this: a completely virtual gathering space will be offered this fall where we can celebrate what has been accomplished over the last difficult six months, and help each other plan for the next six, twelve, eighteen months and beyond. We will prepare to navigate this new landscape together by tackling specific issues we've heard directly from you about: business continuity, the future of funding, digitizing programs and operations, and more. And we'll make it fun, because we all need a serious break!

So stay tuned...more to come soon!