Terry Lewis

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Terry Lewis

Director, Online Learning Programme


Terry comes to Humentum by way of Mango. She joined Mango in its first year as a consultant, and later joined the staff in 2001, where she built up the training team, working collaboratively to develop a successful participatory and practical training approach and also lead the move into eLearning. With the merger of Mango with Humentum and LINGOs to form Humentum, Terry has assumed operational leadership for our eWorkshop portfolio, responsible for the learner experience, quality standards and review, staffing, and new course development. 

Starting out as a university lecturer, Terry has always loved training and helping people to learn using participatory techniques. She is a champion of plain language. During her early career as director of a UK charity, she developed a strong interest in financial management. She moved into an internal audit role in the early 1990s and then spent two years working with Skillshare International as a financial management advisor for NGOs in Swaziland. She then worked as a consultant for a few years while completing her MSc in Development Management.

Terry works from home in Somerset (in South-West England) and has recently taken up the joyous hobby of vegetable gardening. 

Q + A

If you could only eat at one restaurant for the rest of your life, which would it be and why?

Rick Stein’s fish restaurant in Cornwall – because it’s fish!

Describe your ideal weekend.

Not working for a single minute.