TAG meeting 3-4 October 2019, London

TAG meeting 3-4 October 2019, London

3-4 Oct 2019, London


Meeting agenda

Agenda item

1. Introductions: paper|audio|webpage

2. Background to IFR4NPO project: paper|presentation|audio

3. Project Objectives: paper | audio

4. TAG Terms of reference: paper | audio

5. Guidance format options: paper | audio

6. Approach to consultation paper development: paper | audio

7. Sector specific issues: paper | audio pt1 | audio pt2

Note this issue was later revisited by the TAG here (paper 1.1) and the PAG here (paper 9).

8. Specific issue – volunteer services-in-kind: Paper | audio. Note this issue was subsequently revisited by the TAG here (paper 2) and the PAG here (paper 10).

9. Specific issue – restricted funds (donations without stipulations): paper | audio

10. Specific issue – donated assets (capital): paper

11. Project outreach: paper | presentation | audio.

Note this was later updated and presented to the PAG here

12. Next steps: paper on meeting arrangements| paper on next steps | presentation | audio


TAG Podcast - October
Karen Sanderson talks to Ian Carruthers and Sam Musoke to review the key take-aways from the first 2-day meeting, on 3-4 Oct 2019, of the Technical Advisory Group of the #IFR4NPO Project.


The minutes are shared in the form of agreed ‘Advice’ from the TAG (since it is an Advisory Group) and ‘Requests’ from the TAG for information or action.

Minutes: Advice and Requests