Our Initiatives & Projects

Our Initiatives & Projects

At Humentum, we serve as a connector and convener of 300+ global development organizations and the staff that make the criticial work they do around the world possible. We partner with these organizations and foundations, government aid departments, and corporations to make sure topical issues for the people that global development work serves are being addressed. We also play a key role in developing resources, standards, and frameworks for the NGO sector.

Read more about our current projects and initiatives below.

International Financial Reporting for NGOs (#IFR4NPO)

The International Financial Reporting for Non Profit Organizations (#IFR4NPO) initiative is a five-year project coordinated by Humentum and CIPFA to develop the first ever NPO international financial reporting guidance, which can command support from the accounting community and NPOs, as well as the funders and regulators of NPOs.

#IFR4NPO aims to bring clarity and consistency to the NPO sector which must win the trust of its many national and international stakeholders through consistent, high quality financial reporting. The initiative also endeavors to reduce the current burden and duplication of effort for both NPOs and funders in meeting multiple and, at times, conflicting financial reporting requirements.

Digital Skills for NGOs

In an effort to prepare nonprofits for what will be needed to be operationally excellent in the world of digital skills, Humentum partnered with NetHope, TechSoup, and Pluralsight One to launch the Digital Skills Framework for Techincal Literacy. This framework was built based on data collected in November 2017, when NetHope launched the Digital Nonprofit Ability™ (DNA) Assessment and collected a set of data around the state of digital transformation in the nonprofit sector. 

PSEAH Safegaurding Initiative 

At Humentum, we believe protecting those we serve around the world should be at the heart of every organization’s mission. As should ensuring that our employees are offered a safe, harassment-free environment within our own workplaces. Our mission and network mean that we have the capability and responsibility to play a leading role in partnership with other relevant organizations in tackling and preventing sexual abuse and exploitation.  Our aim will be help our network and partner organizations develop sector-wide commitments to ethical codes of conduct and associated standards and to directly provide highly practical learning and other forms of support to help organizations achieve the significant changes in behavior and organizational culture that are required. Our ability to offer an integrated and holistic approach will allow ownership of this issue and the necessary changes and improvement to be owned both organizational and sector wide.

Impact Investing

In recent years, international non-governmental organizations, traditionally known for implementing donor-funded programs for social and environmental impact around the world, have begun to make a distinctive imprint on the impact investing ecosystem. By leveraging assets unique among other stakeholders in impact investing, INGOs add value that differentiates them from other investors and intermediaries. While the traditional development funding model has relied upon government grants and contracts, foundations, and philanthropic giving, the impact investing model seeks solutions to economic and social challenges that result in a financial return for the investors. Humentum and the International Non-Governmental Organization (INGO) Impact Investing Network announced the publication of a second impact investing report, Amplify Impact Investing 2: The Next Mile of Impacting Investing for INGOs, on December 5, 2018.