Kath Qualtrough

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Kath Qualtrough


My work with Humentum involves running both online and in-country workshops for our participants around the world!

I have spent over two decades now working with Charities & NGOs from different perspectives: first, as a volunteer in East Africa, Southeast Asia, and Central America; next, various charities / NGOs were my clients when I was working with PricewaterhouseCoopers in London; more recently, I have worked in senior positions for different charities / NGOs, based in the UK and with significant travel particularly to Southern Africa and Latin America.

My time with Humentum began as a course participant, in 2008, with Humentum's "MANGO" entity.  I was very impressed with Humentum's training style then, and continued to attend workshops with them in subsequent years on different topics.

I am based in the UK, which makes life a little easier for international working given its central timezone!