Juan Manuel Palacios

Juan Manuel Palacios

Regional Director, Latin America


As regional director in Latin America for Humentum, Juan Manuel is responsible for developing and maintaining relationships with key stakeholders, expanding our membership, and delivering learning and consultancy in the Latin America region, as well as the Spanish- and Portuguese-speaking regions in Africa.  One of his main goals is to bring Humentum´s services to any organization or person within the development sector, to help them do their jobs better and ultimately, better deliver on their organization’s mission.  

Before the merger of LINGOs with Mango and Humentum, Juan Manuel had been with LINGOs since 2011, working as program director and senior facilitator, introducing and disseminating the PMDPro Methodology and developing consultancies in almost 20 countries in Latin America and Africa. Previously, he worked as a project and administrative manager for local and international NGOs as well as international cooperative agencies such as AGEXPORT, CIRMA, Project Hope International, and German Cooperation. He has also been a consultant for non-profit organizations in the areas of planning, monitoring and evaluation, sustainability, finances, and project management, with his own consultancy office serving clients in Central America and Brazil.

Juan Manuel is a CPA, and earned his MBA at Mesoamericana University. He has additional studies in project management, entrepreneurship, and tourism models for small businesses. He has studied in Guatemala and Japan.

Q + A

What is your favorite place you’ve been to, and where do you want to go next?

Favorite place is Recife in Brazil, where I worked for about four years. Beautiful place, beautiful people. Where do I want to go next? Chile or Uruguay, could be good places to visit.

What is your favorite band or music artist?

Janni, a Greek musician, who plays instrumental new age music. Relaxed and great music. After that, my favorite music: Bossanova from Brazil.