Fanny Bervoets

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Fanny Bervoets


Fanny Bervoets is a former lawyer with 19 years of experiences in managing development programs in several countries such as Belgium, Angola, Tanzania, DR Congo, Mozambique, South Africa, Uganda and the UAE. She has worked in the private and the public sector at formulating, implementing and assessing developments projects in normal and emergency contexts.

Her work experience covers the internal control systems and the risk mitigation, the financial and administrative management of projects and programs, including budget monitoring, financial planning, procurement, the setup of adequate organization for centralized and decentralized projects taking into consideration their specific fiduciary and operational risks, the elaboration of adapted management tools, the coaching and the development of staff competencies through trainings and workshops, the assistance in Audit preparation and follow up, the administrative and financial assessments of projects and the policy formulation.

After working for governmental and non-governmental organizations, she now uses her skills as a consultant and a trainer, eager to share her expertise and long-time field experience in the training room.