Christopher Pirie

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Christopher Pirie

Founder and CEO of The Learning Futures Group


Christopher Pirie is the CEO of the Learning Futures Group, and was formerly the General Manager for Global Learning at Microsoft where he served as Chief Learning Officer for the Microsft Global Salesforce.

The Learning Futures Group is a rapidly-expanding global network of high-skill, high-energy experts from the workplace learning and learning technology fields, with a focus on offering practical anhd strategic help to the Chief Learning Officer and , Training and Talent leadership.

Chris has worked in the software industry for Oracle and Microsoft with a focus on running workplace learning, computer based education, assessment, and e-Learning business units. He was Vice President of E-Learning at Oracke Corp, and has served on the board (2012 chair) of workplace learning association – ATD.

Chris is a founding board member of and former Chair of Lingos. He is obsessed with the digital transformation of Modern Workplace Learning as well as the power of learning and teaching to drive competitive advantage in business and accelerate social impact to make the world a better place.